Yourminis set to launch API

It has been just over 4 months since I wrote about the launch of Yourminis widget based homepage service and it is already gaining lot of traction with users. In this short time Yourminis has registered almost 1 million users and served 13+ million widget impressions. I think all this user response is well deserved. But what does all this mean to us? More features! Come next week Yourminis will be launching important updates to the flashy platform.

Looking to get developers working on the scene, Yourminis will open up its API that touches all of the end-user platforms. Developers would be able to write the widget once and deploy it almost everywhere – on, in the browser using the Firefox extension, your blog/MySpace page as an embedded widget, and on your desktop(pc/mac/linux) through Apollo. The last part of being able to take widget onto your desktop through Apollo is a major accomplishment in respects. First – from Yourminis, to Musestorm, to Netvibes, to Google IG, everyone is pushing is this direction. Second – some of the most promising products including Yourminis and Virtub  are being built on the next generation application development platform from Adobe. This gives Yourminis quite a bit of lead as compared to any other service planning to venture onto this platform. Coming back to the API- On the technical side of things it will also provide the ability to store and retrieve data for widgets from the Yourminis servers and offer the ability to proxy web requests to avoid cross-domain issues. Besides this the API will deliver useful components such as an RSS parser to make dealing with RSS and ATOM feeds a breeze.

Also as part of the new release Yourminis will get a new tab specifically for RSS feeds. This will offer all of the same features as widgets and pages, ie browse, sort, search, rate, comment on, details, etc but just pertaining to feeds. Users will be able to create their own feed widgets through a simple wizard and publish it into the community – making it available in the Yourminis start page, embeddable and ultimately able to accessed via the desktop. Before blog owners jump to any conclusions, Yourminis has the blog feed ownership part covered. Blog owners will be able to claim their feed and design the default look and feel and content which will be featured when someone searches for that blog, even though there might be multiple versions of that widget. Sounds like a neat strategy to me.

Personally I have always liked the flash based Yourminis over the other JavaScript based services. Cool GUI effects aside, from the very start Yourminis enabled resizing of widgets which is not possible is Google IG, and Pageflakes. Also last month Yourminis had turned on the option for users to take the widget code anywhere on the web to enable reuse of your favorite widgets. Even otherwise the Flash based service has its own advantage over JavaScript/Ajax based in terms of widget deployment and is becoming more of an standard everywhere.




6 Responses to “Yourminis set to launch API”

  1. unblock myspace movement Says:

    Open up API you say … It is just a matter of time until open source solutions of this type will be availabel

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    […] Yourminis, my favorite home page service has now added “Blog” tab on its community site that will provide easier search and syndication blog feed capabilities for its users. I had written about this upcoming launch earlier in the month. […]

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    […] Yourminis has finally gone live the launch of its API about which I had written earlier this month. You can get started quickly through the Developers tab at Once finished, developers will be able to promote their widgets onto “labs” area where Yourminis uses can try them out. Yourminis also jumping onto the widget analytics scene by enabling developers to analyze usage. Metrics provided will be similar to what most of us have got used to now – number of impressions/views, comparison of new vs. return viewers, average number of views per viewer, number of views per domain and the number of views per country. Tags:Share and Enjoy: […]

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