Google Phone: Team of 100 working on Blackberry like….?

Lets see what Google already has for mobile– Gmail for individuals and Apps, GTalk on Blackberry, Google Maps(driving directions and traffic data), Google Search, Google News, Google SMS. A pretty solid set of offerings which are very targeted to what a user would really need on an mobile. What is missing? The Google mobile OS that preloads all of these apps together giving Google a far bigger reach than possible right now. I was pretty definite this part was already under works, and today’s post by Simeon Simeonov is just another pointer in this direction. According to Simeon’s inside source, Google is working on a “Blackberry-like, slick device” with C++ core w/ OS bootstrap, some VoIP offering, and obviously the above set of services rolled-up.

All this is being developed by the team of around 100 people led by Andy Rubin who had previously founded Android, a startup acquired by Google in August 2005. Not much is know about what was being developed at Android in its 22 months of standalone existence except for few guesses indicating it was a mobile OS.

Besides this, Google had gone through a relatively unknown acquisition of another mobile software developer Skia. Skia team was supposed to be working on a vector-based presentation engine that will deliver “state-of-the-art 2D graphics on low-end devices such as mobile phones, TVs, and handhelds”.

Where does all this information leave us? Well some more speculation for sure. As some of the early reports had indicated, Google is supposed to launch its mobile OS in early 2008. That is lot of time for rumors to go around and Nokias/Apples/RIMs/WM6s of the world to get worried for the first time for real.


9 Responses to “Google Phone: Team of 100 working on Blackberry like….?”

  1. Avi Bryant Says:

    Danger was not acquired by Google – they make the Sidekick. The startup you’re thinking of is Android.

  2. Vivek Puri Says:

    Avi, You are right. Was just too tired today to get the right facts down.

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    […] Nokia launched a major push into the mobile advertising domain with its Nokia Ad Service. Much like the Google Adsense+Adwords combination Nokia service will target both advertisers and media publishers. Interesting part about the announcement is that it comes right around the time when more reports about GooglePhone are emerging. The Ad Service will have 2 parts- Nokia Ad Service and Nokia Advertising Gateway. […]

  4. De Web Times » Google Phone: Team of 100 working on Blackberry like….? Says:

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  5. Dovergeek Says:

    Hrm, this could be what Google and Apple are hush hush about. Isn’t OS X based on C code? An Apple iPhone loaded with Google goodness. That would rather appealing.

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    […] Looking back at all the developments in the last 6 months, I think building a project management tool that targets smaller teams is going to be a tough sell. We already have Google Apps to power the backend and widgets for Google Calendar, Google Talk, and EditGrid to power our Personlized pages. Hopefully feature rich widgets for Docs and EditGrid would be launched soon. Once they are released you will have all your productivity tools widgets, news widgets, and other content Personlized and available on your big screen monitor or GPhone ready to go. Why pay GoPlan or 37Signals for underpowered apps? […]

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    […] I don’t think this is the real deal that we have been waiting for, still we would talk about it. Google has entered into partnership with LG to provide Google applications pre-installed on its mobile phones. Well, nothing new is this since Google has already been working with Samsung and Motorola on similar ventures. Only difference here is LG is working on a iPhone look alike, although that does not seem to impact Google’s plans since it is no where near launching a music service. […]

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    […] Besides both of these, Google is also shaping up it’s efforts to get the fair chunk and get onto the mobile game that might play well with the expected launch of Google Phone sometime this year or early next year. Google’s $66.4 billion brand value would go in a long way to in making the service sellable than the quality of service or partnership itself. Tags: […]

  9. rohit kumar Says:

    The post kind of helped me. Well How you get ideas for such posts. sorry if it’s out of topic.

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