Involver readies personalized event search

I have been watching out for the launch of Involver for the past few months. Involver’s event search engine has recently entered a private beta, so I thought it is a good time to give it a try. Involver basically tries to marry personalization with event search. It will be looking at your interests, your friends(and their interests) to deliver personalized events results to you. In you can say – for event search. For the past week that I have been trying Involver on-and-off, I would say that the implementation and integration is pretty good. Finding similar events, direct link to buy tickets from Ticketmaster, adding to calendar and watchlist, commenting on events, and adding friends to your network is as effortless as it can be. I think it would be early to give any decision on the personalization part since you need far more data and big enough friend-network to get meaningful results.

From the integration standpoint, Involver is another of the recent startups that has integrated 30Boxes for the calendar side of things. With Kiko long gone and Trumba changing directions, in the short history of web-based calendars I have seen 30Boxes going many more places than Google Calendar which hasn’t seen as much traction with the developer community. I think not many people saw this coming.

Coming back to event search, I think it is another of those embattled areas which has too many startups chasing not that big amount of money. Zvents, BusyTonight, Eventful, Meetup, Upcoming, HeyletsGo, Attendio, Minglenow…….. are just some of them. Some of these funded while others in process but none of them in sight of a MySpace+- exit even though the idea has been hanging on for as long. I would like to see how Involver defines its direction.



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