LucidEra- Looking ahead

Earlier in the day I talked with LucidEra‘s CEO Ken Rudin regarding the launch of his On-Demand BI platform and future plans regarding the product. To start with, LucidEra has already signed up 12 customers ranging from medium sized businesses to smaller sized businesses. LucidEra will keep its product focus on enabling end users to generate custom reports according to their needs and requirements. Customers will be able to drill, dice, and subscribe to enterprise data as and when they need it. This goes contrary to the accepted approach in enterprises where IT departments dish out mountains of reports which are than shared across business teams to be analyzed and eventually deliver some meaningful numbers.

From the automation and maintenance standpoint, reporting as well as data load part of the platform will be completely self-managed by the customers with almost no support needed from the LucidEra Technical Support team. Customers will be able to connect to their data using LucidEra connectors to bring the data into the pre-built solutions. I think the data load part might involve Siebel like approach where customers will match their data columns with the requirements of the pre-built solution. As for connectivity to customer data, LucidEra platform right now includes adaptors for Salesforce, Oracle Financials, Netsuite, flatfile/Spreadsheets, and connectivity to databases through JDBC. Adapters for Peachtree and Quickbooks are under works which can even now be accessed using the LucidEra’s universal adapter that can fetch data from CSV files.

LucidEra has also made important updates to the product pricing since the last time I wrote. Basic part remains the same – for $3000/month customers will get access the end-to-end BI solution, all of its capabilities including the pre-built solutions, and disk space of 5 GB. This pricing would now include access for 100 users which is more than what a typical SMB would need.

As part of future plans, LucidEra will be releasing pre-built solutions that go deeper into Marketing, Finance, and other domains. By the year end LucidEra will be launching BI version of AppExchange to involve the developer community. I think we can expect LucidEra partners soon enough delivering applications for Life Sciences, Call Center, HR, SCM, and other business domains.

LucidEra launches; Enterprise BI goes On-Demand


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