Nokia plans to pre-empt Google; Launches mobile advertising solution

Nokia launched a major push into the mobile advertising domain with its Nokia Ad Service. Much like the Google Adsense+Adwords combination Nokia service will target both advertisers and media publishers. Interesting part about the announcement is that it comes right around the time when more reports about GooglePhone are emerging. The Ad Service will have 2 parts- Nokia Ad Service and Nokia Advertising Gateway.

Nokia Ad Service will consist of mobile Internet publishers forming a mobile ad network where mobile ads can be delivered through the Nokia service. Nokia Ad Service will launched in Europe at ad:tech(March 6th-7th, 2007) and globally in the second half of 2007. Nokia Advertising Gateway will work as  private label service to deliver targeted ads depending on the user context. Information will be gleaned from the media content being browsed like news, video, or music. Nokia plans to work with media companies, content aggregators and such to enable them to extend their reach to mobile audience. Nokia Advertising Gateway is currently going through the pilot phase and will become commercially available in the Q3/Q4 of 2007.

Nokia is also planning to support CPA (cost per action) based Ads. Right now the role of CPA seems to be more on the buzzword side of things than anything. Even though number of companies are trying on web, we have yet to see any successful CPA solution to emerge where millions of transactions taking place everyday with good amount of user activity tracking information being collected. Comparing to that, deploying a CPA solution on mobile seems far from plausible.

Deployment of the Nokia Ad Service from the publisher standpoint will be similar to Google Adsense service. Publishers will be inserting ads tags in their content. Nokia will than deliver contextual ads in form of banners, text links and interstitials and also provide analytics around the service.

Nokia will have lot of work at hand to get the ball rolling on this particularly getting quality advertisers to feed its publishing end. On the whole, being able to attract a good chunk of advertising budgets of companies for the newer ad formats would be challenge for everyone, besides Nokia.

Currently Admob is leading the mobile ad delivery platform with over 1.4 billion ad impressions served. Google, Yahoo, Verizon, Sprint, At&t, JumpTap, MillennialMedia, Actionality, ThirdScreenMedia are just some of the companies operating in this space.

Nokia Ad Service


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