Platial and Eons get funded

Platial: Media on a map startup Platial has raised $2.4 million in its Series A round of funding. The funding round was participated by KeyNote Ventures. Platial’s existing investors includes Kleiner Perkins, Caufield & Byers, Omidyar Network, Ram Shriram, Ron Conway among others.

Platial enables users to put their photos, video, feeds, stories, neighborhoods, travels all onto a Google Map. With thousands of users mapping out these details, out comes the public atlas which is very much live and dynamic. Even if you are not uploading media, you can use Platial to search for points of interest around your location. As part of its future plans, Platial will be launching update to its mapping application MapKit and also announcing series of partnerships.

Geojoey is another startup that maps your travel experiences in an interesting way.


Eons: Social network for baby boomers closed a big round of funding today. Eons raised $22 million as part of its Series B round of funding led by Charles River Ventures. Intel Capital, Humana, General Catalyst Partners and Sequoia Capital as participated in the investment round.

Among other features, Eons cRANKy search engine delivers results relevant to boomers. Eons management claims that the company will be cash flow positive by 2008, which is very much possible since they are targeting a very lucrative segment of the market.


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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Google Maps Mashups now for everyone Says:

    […] Google knows that it really has to push the Google Maps platform to maintain the lead in the space it turned upside down more than two years back. Google’s launch of a new service named MyMaps just confirms that part. MyMaps enables novice users annotate and mark locations on Google Maps using notes, their video and their photos, and then share them with friends or public. For comparison purposes MyMaps would be more of a mashup board that lot of other startups like Geojoey(actually Geojoey offers much more than just annotation) and Platial have been offering for sometime now. This new release of Google Maps also integrated with Google Earth, where you can grab the KML of the custom map. After trying out the service for few minutes now, i think the feature set is good enough to start with, but the app on the whole misses out on the social sharing side of things. Public user-created maps might showup in the search results, but giving MyMaps its own homepage for everyone to view and discuss about might be the right thing to do. Also your maps in MyMaps are pretty much stuck out there that can be shared only via the emailing the URL. I think being able to widgetize and embed the maps would take them to more places. […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » makes caregiver search easier; Announces funding Says:

    […] On the whole a very smart observation by team that delivers a solution falling somewhere between Craigslists, vFlyers, Eons, Famsters of the world. […]

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » And now, Social Net for Pre-Boomers Says:

    […] Earlier this year, it was Eons which raised $22 million for a social net targeting baby boomers. […]

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