SoonR integration with WebEx launched

WebEx today launched a new release of it PCNow application that enables the users to connect to their PC from a PC as well as mobile. The mobile end of PCNow 3.0 application comes after WebEx signed partnership SoonR last year. With this release, the remote sessions of PCNow users will get them access to features which were available only on through a PC before- File Access, Outlook Access, Desktop Search, and Skype VoIP. Personally I am not a PCNow user but can clearly see a performance boost for those who are.

Avvenu is another company providing similar capabilities from mobile phones.

Now access your docs “AnyTime” with SoonR!
Funding: SoonR gets $6 million

PCNow with Mobile


One Response to “SoonR integration with WebEx launched”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » myMobileMedia: Stream iTunes music to mobile Says:

    […] myMobileMedia from NJ based CMWare is an interesting alternative to SoonR, Avvenu, and Orb if you want to get your PC content on your mobile. Most of the basic functionality is supposed to be the same including ability to view files, and photos. Difference is in the myMobileMedia’s capability to stream DRM-protected content. In other words you can listen to iTunes music on your mobile without ever copying the content onto the phone itself. Hmm. Sounds like a small victory before everyone start moving to a DRM free world. […]

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