Searchles launches video bookmarking

Bookmarking had to come to videos sooner or later. Searchles got there first with the launch of today Searchles TV today. Searchles TV lets users fetch videos from multiple videos sites and makes all them viewable at one single place. As you go along number of video sites everyday you can use the Searchles bookmarklet to tag these videos to your channels. While viewing, you get all your videos shown out there in a list and can quickly scan through to reach your favorite content. Smart part of the service is that anytime you update videos in your channel the changes are automatically syndicated to all the people using your embed code. This feature sounds much like what KickApps Video Player, or ClipSyndicate, or Splashcast are doing. Still, I am not sure if the video updates happen in a forced refresh manner, like CellBlock does, or not.

However Searchles TV feature seems to be on to a shaky start as I am not able to create a channel right now even though existing channels created by other users play videos just fine. Aside from that, I think Searchles needs to build a Firefox extension just like that makes the bookmarking part easier especially as it plans to go beyond webpages. Once Searchles gets the bug fixed, I think I will definitely be using Searchles TV since this missing link had been holding me back from bookmarking numerous fun+useful videos that I come across which in turn meant I visited fewer video sharing sites everyday.

Update: Dabble and VodPod(comments below) are couple of startups already operating in this area.
Searchles goes for another angel funding round

Searchles TV


2 Responses to “Searchles launches video bookmarking”

  1. Marshall Kirkpatrick Says:

    I like it. See also VodPod. Both are actually pretty different from what we’re doing at SplashCast but we do hope to find some inspiration in what folks like Searchles and VodPod are doing.

  2. dumbfounder Says:

    Thanks for pointing out the problem, it is now fixed! It was a simple bug when a person that had not submitted videos to Searchles tried to create a channel.

    Marshall, I haven’t seen VodPod before, I will check them out. I don’t see us as much of a competitor for SplashCast though, we are simply trying to find ways to export the functionality of Searchles, and Searchles TV is a way for people to syndicate the videos they save to Searchles. And our widget is a way for people to save/tag/share/comment on content from anywhere on the web.

    There is more to come!


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