What is this Informatica On-Demand Data Integration Service?

The enterprise grade Data Integration application provider Informatica today had an interesting press release sent out. Title says “Informatica Launches Industry’s First and Only On-Demand Data Integration Service”. Well, before you jump to conclusions all that Informatica is offering is the ability to bring in your Salesforce data back to your local databases. Accepted that someone has to offer such this connector/adaptor but building a small component in the grand scheme of things and claiming it to be the “First and Only” On-Demand data integration service isn’t the right thing to do. At most this can only confuse customer who are casually going through the headline. Larger enterprise companies need to realize that they have been late to the SaaS party and all they can do is put their heads down and build the real On-Demand product. Even otherwise Informatica seems to be falling behind in its targeted “Phase Three”, which is supposed to “deliver a comprehensive, multi-tenant, hosted data integration platform”. “Phase Three” is supposed to be “generally available” by Q1 of 2007. That’s another 23 days to go.

Enough of Informatica bashing. Lets look at the bright side. Informatica On-Demand put up a blog last month. That’s a step in the right direction.


One Response to “What is this Informatica On-Demand Data Integration Service?”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » SnapLogic snaps $2.5 million for open-source Data Integration Says:

    […] Gaurav Dhillon is back into the Data Integration world with his latest investment in SnapLogic. The San Mateo, CA based startup today announced that it has raised $2.5 million in funding from Dhillon Capital, the venture company founded by Gaurav Dhillon in 2005. Gaurav’s last big role in this space was as the CEO of Informatica, a job which he quit in 2004 to explore other options. In hindsight this seems to be right move since he is once again helping build startups(Hive7 and Jaman are 2 other startups funded by Dhillon Capital) that in most ways is always more exciting then helping  big company get bigger.  Gaurav got together with Mike Pittaro in co-founding SnapLogic in 2005, and later brought on Chris Marino as CEO to lead the team. […]

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