Will the Tamago p2p media marketplace work?

Tamago is building up a new p2p media marketplace. Their agenda is to make users sell their art-ware like songs, images, documents all on a p2p based network. As a seller you get paid what you ask for. Tamago takes care of digital fingerprinting to prevent content piracy. Rating, reviewing, top 25s , licensing are all part of the game.

I wonder if Tamago is such an great idea, what holds them back from enabling users to selling anything to everything. Even otherwise selling stuff matters on the size of buyer market, which is always difficult to build.

Tamago claims that it has been angel funded, although no disclosures about who is behind the funding. However I am staying away from Tamango since it requires a download and install of their p2p app and my primary machine got hosed yesterday after uninstalling Microsoft Office 2007.

Updated the name. Why was I thinking about the fruit? Anyway.

Update2: Oh I see that people copying me are also committing the typo- Tamago or Tamango 😉 No prizes for guessing who is doing that. This incident just shows how blatantly some bloggers are coping others. Well, I have a post coming on the copycats soon enough.



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