Barablu- now Talk with IP phone + chat with Yahoo

As one of my reader pointed out, Barablu is another of the top innovators in the mobile +WiFi based calling space. Launched in 2005, Barablu has covered lot of ground ever since. Brief outline of the features doesn’t do the justice to the hard work but still here they are – Mobile-mobile WiFi based calling, mobile to IM calling, mobile chat with Skype and Google buddies from mobile and PC, barablu Out based calling to regular mobile phones and landlines at very competitive rates. Looking at the supported handsets, Barablu has its mobile client working on Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian S60 based phones. Again not many startups have been able to deliver that kind of handset support. Barablu is now going for seamless handover of calls between GSM and Wi-Fi networks, which has till date been delivered to customers by T-Mobile, TeliaSonera, BT, Orange, and couple of other mobile giants. However carriers charging for this service which should be free in the first combined with limited device and feature support gives Barablu an edge.

Coming back to the new feature release, Barablu has announced support for Yahoo messenger and IP phone integration. Barablu already supported importing of contacts from Google Talk, and Skype and with the new support for Yahoo Messenger contacts makes it a much more comprehensive free app for your mobile phone. Barablu move towards enabling IP Phone bases calling puts it along with the likes of Skype that has been making similar announcements in the past few months. Once you hookup your IP phone with the service you can start calling your barablu buddies for free, or make cheap calls using barablu Out to landlines and mobiles around the world.

Right now Barablu is running a special promotion for Free calls to US mobile and landlines, which otherwise costs 1 cent. Taking into account all the features and free-to-competitive rates, I think Barablu joins the list of must use mobile apps.



2 Responses to “Barablu- now Talk with IP phone + chat with Yahoo”

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    […] I think with this release guys at Barablu, Fring, Truphone, Nimbuzz………should plan to support BBs ’cause BB users would never-never want to switch to WM or Symbian unless forced by RIM itself Tags:Share and Enjoy: […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Fring also dials SIP Says:

    […] Mobile VoIP startups are striking out one line item after another from their todo list to get onto as many handsets as possible. Couple of weeks back it was Barablu that had enabled support for IP phones. Now Fring users also have access to the same functionality and can get connected to their SIP accounts. And this is possible even from non-SIP enabled handsets. So off you go hooking up your Nokia with GizmoProject to call landlines, GSM, and SIP phones via Fring. Tags:Share and Enjoy: […]

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