CircleUp group collaboration partners with e7sports

CircleUp, the email and IM based collaboration service that launched at DEMO in January, is going to announce its partnership with e7sports later today. e7sports provides online sports management software services, like league, tournament and camp management, to youth and adult sports organizations across the United States.

CircleUp is one of most effective collaboration tools that I have come across drastically cuts down on the amount of messaging you need for organizing an event. Instead of sending out a mass email for organizing your soccer match and getting bombarded with replies, you can use CircleUp to set up your request and get aggregated responses all at one place. Your questions can be used to get ratings, make decisions, gather opinions or any such format where you have too many responses coming in than what you can handle manually. CircleUp sends out your message via email or IM(AIM, Yahoo), and starts aggregating the answers as and when it gets it from each user in the group addressed, who may number fewer than 10 or in the thousands of people in it.

Coming back to the partnership news, e7sports coaches, tournament directors and league directors will be using CircleUp’s collaboration service to efficiently manage their tournament management group communication. e7sports coaches and directors currently get more than 15 messages for each planned activity, and this number can be as high as 500 in some cases. Use of CircleUp would for sure cut down in the time required to get through this highly involved process at e7sports.

Aside from the partnership, CircleUp has lots of plans are in place to build up a comprehensive platform. They are currently looking at broader IM coverage, widgets for desktop/web, Outlook integration, and more.

Grouptivity is a similar group collaboration platform that I had written about last year. Jyngle is also a group collaboration service, but voice-based that has its own niche use that can be much more effective if combined with reQall.



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