Sodahead’s social polling looks promising

Sodahead went ahead with the public launch of its social polling platform last week. From the initial looks I think Sodahead can turn be pretty addictive site. Idea is not new but comes with a twist as compared to what we already have in market. Vizu does distributed polling and surveys, while Grouptivity and CircleUp enable group collaboration and questionnaires in private groups. But none of these work out in the open where users in a social network can put up polls and get responses and comments from everyone on the community. Identifying this sweet spot can only come from experienced social networking guys. As it turns out Sodahead was founded last year by former MySpace execs Jason Feffer and Michael Glazer. To start with Sodahead had received $4.25 million in funding from Mohr Davidow Ventures, a big enough round to keep their small but smart group up and running for a while.

Getting around Sodahead is pretty straightforward. You can browse through relevant poll categories ranging from Technology to Family to Music…….. to quickly find interesting polls and discussions taking place. I can already see quite a few lengthy discussions going with active participation from the community members. Again lot of focus is on pushing the top movers to the front page. You can get to the users with max raves and top Vote-getters from the Sodaheads page and to drill down a bit further browse through Sodaheads by categories. From the feature perspective adding people to your network, commenting, profile, blogging support, faves, commenting are all part of the game.

However Sodahead team seems to believe in the MySpace type UI principles. At best all I can say is that Sodahead’s interface is below average, which can put off quite a few users in my opinion. On the contrary, MySpace and Orkut have already proved that getting the community effect rolling is what matters. Even though people might hate the UI, but they become oblivious of the not so great UI over time.



5 Responses to “Sodahead’s social polling looks promising”

  1. MegaBuzz and Social Polling for the Masses Says:

    […] Sources: BusinessWire, StartupSquad […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » SodaHead polls get widgety Says:

    […] Just couple of weeks after launch in the public space, SodaHead is already pushing the envelope. SodaHead today added the ability for the polls to be posted on any external blog/site via an embed code. Just like PollDaddy that I am using right now, SodaHead displays the Question, Answers, and Results for the poll in a flash based widget. In addition to that SodaHead shows any images part of the poll and also the profile image of the SodaHead user who is voting. Best part is you can get the SodaHead community voting on your poll for free. All votes casted on any SodaHead widget are included on the SodaHead Vote History. Currently you don’t have have any customization options, but they will be out soon. […]

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » SodaHead: The opinion maker Says:

    […] I had written about SodaHead couple of months back when they had just launched. At that time it was not exactly clear where they are headed. Yesterday I had discussion with SodaHead team in which we discussed among other things their product strategy and future plans. […]

  4. StartupSquad » Blog Archive »– Digg like Voting Says:

    […] UK based startup enables users to vote between two opposing items and “face off” to see which is better. Kinda HotorNot+SodaHead for any context. For instance, one current voting battle is between Firefox and Internet Explorer. Can you guess which one is winning? AllFaceOff has a familiar Digg like interface. While some would criticize this as imitation, it lends to user friendliness. Why improve on something that already works so well? Right AllFaceOff categorizes the two opposing items by color and allows user to vote by clicking on the appropriately colored rams head. The site allows you to sort faceoffs by most popular, newest, and recent winners. If you register, you can post new face-offs and keep track of your old ones. Based on the number of votes in the most popular contests, it doesn’t seem that word has spread about AllFaceOff yet. Since this is a user driven site, it will increase in its “fun” quotient only if more people sign up. […]

  5. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » FunAdvice with new looks; Takes on Yahoo Answers Says:

    […] For those of you who haven’t tried out FunAdvice, the startup operates in the QandA space from where Google exited few months back. Other notable players are Answerbag(bought by Demand Media for $5 million), Sodahead(review)(not directly competing), and Yedda(review). […]

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