Xcerion’s Internet OS hype and others

Sweden based Xcerion has been the rounds of blogosphere for the past few days. Xcerion claims to be on the verge of releasing “revolutionary” Xcerion Internet OS (XIOS) that will work on top of a stripped down Linux. With $10 million in funding from Northzone Ventures, Lou Perazzoli(one of the original architects of Microsoft Windows NT and former General Manager of the Microsoft Core OS group) being on the board, and led by Daniel Arthursson who worked on development of worlds first XML Server, Xcerion is surely upto something heavyweight. Like everyone these days, Xcerion is going for the long tail business of business software by enabling cheaper and faster application development. Does that ring a bell. think think think. Oh yeah it sure does. Aren’t Coghead and BungeeLabs also building something similar. Coghead is almost set to launch anytime now and BungeeLabs launches maybe in another 1-2 months. Both of them enable applications to be built on a web-based platform that will be able to scale and yet be cost effective. Even otherwise, building the base platform might be the tough part but getting developers or business users to develop applications on such a platform will be the real deal. Xcerion expects to deliver hundreds of applications in the next few years. Only Xcerion can tell who will build these apps since developer already have a choice between them, Coghead, and Bungeelabs.

Only good part around the spate of announcements from Xcerion that is scheduled to be launched in Q3 of 2007 is that they are getting the visibility that strangely BungeeLabs has been avoiding all along.



2 Responses to “Xcerion’s Internet OS hype and others”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Great commentary. Coghead is also growing a commuity where members can create and share their applications in a gallery. Coghead also is going to launch an affiliate program where you can build and resell applications.

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » LongJump- yet another DIY app builder Says:

    […] Quick recount of the startups looking to do something similar – Coghead, BungeeLabs, Xcerion, and now LongJump. Tags:Longjump RelationalsShare and Enjoy: […]

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