XFruits does Mail to RSS; Lotus Domino 8 goes beta

XFruits: The startup building mashups around RSS, today launched another brick as part of their service – Mail to RSS. The service is self explanatory and easy to setup. You can get RSS for your POP3, IMAP4 and Gmail accounts. If you haven’t been to XFruits before you would definitely find all of their mashup builders useful. In all 8 till now – Aggregator RSS, RSS to Web, RSS to mobile, Post to RSS, RSS to PDF, RSS to Mail, RSS to OPML, OPML to mobile, and the new addition Mail to RSS. Nothing much left to say out here except that can take your content places much easily.

Lotus Domino 8: IBM enterprise collaboration platform is playing the catchup game with the launch of Domino 8 public beta. Mail recall, easier deployment and management, web services enabled, activity sidebar are just of the new features. Features aside, looking at the way enterprises move ahead with such major upgrades, it will be another couple of years before larger number of IBM clients finally settle down in the new release. Just imagine where Google Apps will be in another 2 years where upgrades showup in the blink of an eye. Who would you go for?


One Response to “XFruits does Mail to RSS; Lotus Domino 8 goes beta”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Vocalfruits launches RSS to Voice Says:

    […] Vocalfruits is a new service from xFruits that converts any RSS feed into a mp3/podcast. So instead of reading blogs posts you can be easily listening to them. You need to go through the somewhat convoluted signup process before you can actually listen to anything for the first time. Still it’s worth the effort. You need to basically give the URL of the feed for which you want to hear the voice/podcast and than Vocalfruits loads up the blog corresponding to feed and sticks and voice player next to each blog post. After that all you need to do hit the play button and Voicefruits instantly starts converting text to speech. For most part the service works perfectly, but messes up on the nouns, which obviously the automated system cannot get right. […]

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