Divvio launches in preview mode

Divvio, the media personalization startup about which I had written last week, today launched the platform in preview mode. Yesterday I had a talk with Divvio founder Hossein Eslambolchi regarding the plans around the product. Hossein summed up Divvio platform into 4 parts – Content Discovery, Content Delivery, Muti-app-device Support, and and finally the Personalized Content Delivery.

From the “Content Discovery” standpoint, Divvio will be crawling and indexing multimedia links all the while not storing anything locally on the Divvio servers. You can expect them to be going through lot of audio, video metadata and also analyzing text and comments on webpages to determine context of content. As I suspected in my last post, they will not be analyzing audio part of content to deliver relevant results.

Divvio will be enabling support for windows media player and Flash based content as part of “Content Delivery”. Users can view content from varied formats all at the same page instead of being forced to navigate to 100s and load 100s of players. As part of “App-device Support”, Divvio is starting off with supporting IE with support for Firefox coming up next. Obviously mobiles, Wiis, and Macs of the world come next.

All said and done everything will eventually depend on the “Personalization Engine(PE)”. PE will take community patterns, content rules, user interests, and user generated rules into account to drive highly personalized results. Still this won’t be work like magic where the PE starts delivering personalized results as soon as you register. You will have to play around the site, define your interests, be a part of the community to get the engine to understand you. On Divvio side, Hossein and his team of 12 will be working hard for the next few months on tweaking the engine to deliver better results while also aggregating more content and analyzing existing user patterns.

This is the story of Divvio as now with no set date for the full-blow launch. Personally I would be watching Divvio evolve over time and all along expecting it to let me take my personalized identity to other platforms to reach better content faster.




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