Pixilis=Pixilis+Pixilive+Pixilife; Jargong Twitters; Imagini’s VisualDNA

Pixilis launches Pixilive: Pixilis, the Canada based video sharing startup, today launched a new photo upload service – Pixilive. Much like Yousendit, users can upload photos at Pixilive and get the embed code for fill-size images and thumbnails. Does sound perfect for short term or occasional use. However no registration means pains of using the service in the long run. Even if you want you will not be able to backup your images and neither will you be able to move them to another hosting service. Pixilife.com is another service shaping up at Pixilis that will let users create photo albums and order prints. Isn’t that space already too tight?

Jargong: I had written about this social+IM+RSS client few weeks back. At that time Jargong was getting ready to release its integration with Twitter. As one of StartupSquad.com’s reader pointed out yesterday, Jargong has launched a new release of the app that among other things enables users to set their IM status as their Twitter status.

Imagini: This is a fun new service that also introduces a new concept – VisualDNA. Imagini starts of by running you through number of series of photos to get your viewpoints on number of things. All along it maps your reactions with those of the other people in the community to come up with a picture of yourself and of course a widget for your blog/MySpace/…..


One Response to “Pixilis=Pixilis+Pixilive+Pixilife; Jargong Twitters; Imagini’s VisualDNA”

  1. robert Says:

    In the new version Jargong has support for Social Networking (Flickr and Twitter), Instant Messaging (MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, Gmail and Jabber) and Feeds (Google Reader) in a single client application.

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