Qwaq launches Metaverse for Enterprise


Palo Alto, CA based Qwaq today announced the launch of Qwaq Forums, a secure virtual workspace application targeting enterprise customers. Qwaq provides a complete virtual space with all the tools, data and interactivity that delivers a highly immersive collaboration experience. Founded by a highly experienced technical team and backed by equally good advisory board members, Qwaq plans to change the way people collaborate at their workplace. Qwaq was founded by CTO David Smith, a 3D pioneer and chief system architect of the Croquet Project. Qwaq is led by Greg Nuyens, former CEO of Devicescape, former CTO and Vice President of Engineering at Neomar, and Xerox PARC alumni, while Remy Malan is the Vice President, Enterprise, who previously worked as marketing Vice President at AtWeb and Director of marketing at Sun.

With Qwaq installed behind enterprise firewall, users can quickly and easily setup workspaces and invite other users to participate. Qwaq enables users to bring in their desktop applications into the virtual world by just dragging and dropping them onto the workspace. This includes your image files, Google Sketchup objects, Microsoft Office files, videos, and enterprise applications. Each of these workspaces is persistent in nature which means you can return anytime to review the progress your team has made on any collaborative project. These features combined with text and voice chat make your sessions much more interactive. Again workspaces in Qwaq are like islands that can be interconnected via built-in public space. Qwaq will also be opening up its API to enable developers and communities to customized the platform.

From the initial feature set details Qwaq does seem to be an fascinating experience targeted at a clearly defined market. As compared to the typical WebEx or Lotus Sametime sessions which are very limited in functionality, and lifespan that ends with the session, Qwaq’s persistent feature can collaboration to a much higher level. Still lot of ground to cover for Qwaq form the launch today to users embracing the new way of collaboration in an enterprise environment.



5 Responses to “Qwaq launches Metaverse for Enterprise”

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    […] Again an updated list of other players in this space – LiveMeeting, GotoMeeting, Yuuguu, WebDialogs, AdobeConnect, DimDim, Yugma, Vyew, and Qwaq Tags:Share and Enjoy: […]

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    […] From the technical side of things, Ghost is built on Lazlo, hence supports Firefox and IE. That takes care of majority of browser compatibility to start with. Next in line will be Safari sometime later this year. Currently working on Flash, Ghost will move over to Ajax code-base and also launch mobile support by the year end. If you had doubts about Ghost’s scalability, the startup is falling back on the obvious choice – Amazon’s S3 and EC2. Come Q3 of this year, Ghost will open up it’s API and Ghost widget toolkit to get the developers involved on the scene. As for pricing, Ghost comes with 3GB of space for free with premium services showing up on the virtual landscape later. For getting existing files onto Ghost VC, users will get move them via FTP and couple of other methods. Personally I would prefer drag-n-drop, something similar to what Qwaq has developed. […]

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Qwaq can make WebEx history Says:

    […] Earlier in the week I got a chance to talk with Greg Nuyens from Qwaq and take a deep dive into the collaboration metaverse for enterprise really has to offer. Previously I had written about Qwaq when the startup had just come out of stealth mode to talk about it’s core product, Qwaq Forums. When I had written the article, I was not really sure how Qwaq works out in real. As we say – seeing is believing. After being in the metaverse for about an hour, checking out its features and capabilities, I am convinced that WebEx and the Conferencing et al will have lot to worry about pretty soon. […]

  4. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Funding recaps: Qwaq and Yokel Says:

    […] Qwaq: Found out over the weekend that Qwaq, the developer of metaverse targeted at enterprise companies, is funded by KPG Ventures. Exact amount of funding has not been disclosed. Will try to get that information. KPG has previously funded blog search engine Sphere and vertical ad network Teracent. As for Qwaq, i have written about the startup couple of times before – linky 1, and linky 2. Qwaq is supposed to launch sometime soon.   […]

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