StrikeIron – webservices marketplace provider gets $5 million


StrikeIron, the web services marketplace platform, today announced that it has raised $5 million in Series C round of funding. Ascent Venture Partners is the new investing company at StrikeIron. Existing investors Aurora Funds, and NC IDEA also participated in the funding round.

StrikeIron’s Web Services Marketplace bring together publishers, partners, and developers all to the same platform to enable data exchange and distribution in a trusted environment. StrikeIron’s Internet Service Bus provides features like standardized data distribution, authentication, billing and accounting, usage tracking and reporting, security, and integrated tools and services. StrikeIron currently provides over 100 live data sources and business functions and its platform is utilized by over a dozen Fortune 1000 corporations including BEA, IBM, Honda Europe, and D&B.

Mashery is another startup launched last year working to get a piece of the multi-billion dollar webservices pie. Teqlo is also working on similar principles but more on the consumer side.



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