Firefox V3 with offline support betas by autumn

Mozilla’s Firefox is gunning for the pubic beta launch of Firefox Version 3 in late spring this year. I had previously written about the availability of alpha version of Firefox 3. However there are quite a few significant updates to the details available about the new release. According to InfomationWeek, Firefox will be adding support for running web-based apps offline. Application developers will have to make few simple changes to their application to work with the Firefox API. We have long been expecting an offline release of Gmail, and Google Docs and Spreadsheets. Couple of companies have already been working in this direction.  Zimbra had announced last year that it will be releasing the offline version of its famed Ajax client, which is supposed to be out sometime in July, while SocialText had released Unplugged version of its Wiki app last year that can take portions of your wiki content offline. Google strategy for the offline mode might tend towards integrating it will Google Desktop.  However as some of Google’s resources might also be contributing towards the new release, it is not really clear which path will Google follow. Again Oct-Nov timeframe for the browser launch and subsequent releases of Google applications to take advantage of the new features seems too far for to Google to wait for.

As I had written before, with the launch of Firefox 3 bookmarks and history manager will also get an feature upgrade. Bookmarks will now be powered by SQLite database at the backend. Mozilla is also planning to add support for 2-D and even 3-D Web applications to support gaming and metaverse apps. I think we can expect more 3B(Broad Band Browser) like apps showing up on the scene. 3B is a 3D virtual world powered by the Firefox engine that that I had written about before.

On the other hand Microsoft IE team is also working towards developing IE8 which is supposed to be released in another 18-24 months of timeframe. Not many trustable details are available in regards to the feature set of the new release.



3 Responses to “Firefox V3 with offline support betas by autumn”

  1. Brad Neuberg Says:

    Don’t forget the work SitePen and I are doing on the Dojo Offline Toolkit! Expect a code complete release the end of this month (March) or the beginning of April.

    Brad Neuberg

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Joyent takes on Offline+Sync challenge for RoR Says:

    […] All this news comes at a time when Firefox 3 is making dedicated efforts to build the offline functionality into its Version 3, and Adobe Apollo alpha release launching last week that bridges the web and desktop gap. […]

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Maxthon catches the microformats Says:

    […] Maxthon is learning and delivering faster and all that before it’s competitors do. The China based browser startup now supports microformats. This is something that Mozilla and company are planning to support in the 3.0 release of Firefox. […]

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