Google Talk widget is awesome

Google Talk team just launched a widget for their Google Personalized homepage service. Brings up chat windows for each of your buddies in a cool tabbed format. In fact the widget looks and feels much better than the IM client embedded in Gmail. Drop in URLs from Youtube and Picasa Web Album into the chat window and you can preview them right in your chat window. Call button is still there but needs Google Talk client to connect the call. Can we expect for Google teams to launch widgets for Google Docs and Spreadsheets next(EditGrid are you listening)? And than we can create documents and collaborate all at the same place.

Google Talk Widget


7 Responses to “Google Talk widget is awesome”

  1. P. K. Says:

    Yes, we are listening — in fact we have rolled out the EditGrid widget for Google Personalized Homepages since October. It is not as fancy as the Google Talk widget yet — can’t load grid right within Google Personalized Homepages — but it resembles a rather full-fledged Workspace already. The EditGrid widget is more powerful under Netvibes and Pageflakes, though, due to different platform support.


    P. K.
    The EditGrid Team

  2. David Says:

    We’re listening. 🙂

    EditGrid has an integration with Google docs and spreadsheets, too. We’ll keep improving it. A few innovative features is coming. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » GoPlan re-launched; Flipstart takes pre-orders; BlastFeed RSS alerts Says:

    […] Looking back at all the developments in the last 6 months, I think building a project management tool that targets smaller teams is going to be a tough sell. We already have Google Apps to power the backend and widgets for Google Calendar, Google Talk, and EditGrid to power our Personlized pages. Hopefully feature rich widgets for Docs and EditGrid would be launched soon. Once they are released you will have all your productivity tools widgets, news widgets, and other content Personlized and available on your big screen monitor or GPhone ready to go. Why pay GoPlan or 37Signals for underpowered apps? […]

  4. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Coventi: real-time real-persistent-collaboration Says:

    […] I had always expected Google/Writely to deliver something in this regards or atleast integrate GoogleTalk into Writely. But that feature never materialized. Although Coventi does not offer Writely like real-time multi-user editing, I think their innovative approach covers up for that. […]

  5. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » MyGADs - Smart idea; Need a better use-case Says:

    […], which was launched last week, is smart application that helps you store and query those small nifty everyday details quickly that otherwise tend to get lost. Consider you want to save birthdate of your friend Jason. You just enter the following in MyGADs query+statement box – “Jason’s birthday is 01/01/1975″ and the app save the information to your GAD. Anytime after that you want to recover Jason’s birthday again, just query – “Jason’ birthday” and out comes the reply “01/01/1975″. Neat idea! Somewhat like Stikkit, still unique. You can extend MyGADs to save phone numbers, number plates, and more of the related. Best part about the service is that you can add and access your information from web, mobile, and Google Talk. The IM integration with GTalk is much like few IM bot based apps we have already covered, while the mobile piece works via SMS. Sharing and editing of GADs comes part of the package. You can either create password-protected GADs, or GADs for for your groups, or public GADs. […]

  6. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » ooVoo - Slick Video IM coming your way Says:

    […] Can we get enough of Chat, and Video IM apps? nooo. Actually that answer comes from startups who develop these apps. Every new startup in the market does incremental feature enhancements and repackaging to deliver yet another collaboration app. Some are good others are lost in the crowd. ooVoo is one such startup that thinks it has something substantial to offer. Launched sometime back ooVoo lets you do video conferencing that can include 5 people at a time in a 3D video interface. Well that is an improvement over Skype and SightSpeed. Besides that you get the regular chat + video messaging. Only problem I have is convincing my contacts to move over to ooVoo. Not sure I want to do that again after last switch from Yahoo to GTalk. […]

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    […] Meebo has been in a tough spot lately. On one side, Google is offering couple of very solid web-based instant messaging products, and on the other side is Yahoo’s recent launch of it’s webmessenger. Both of these pretty much cut down on the value proposition that Meebo had to offer couple of years back.  […]

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