Allmydata gives unlimited p2p storage for cheap

Over the last weekend Allmydata went live with its new offering of unlimited data backups for the premium plan costing just $4.99/month. Last month Allmydata had also gone live with its new site that now provides access to online file management, uploads, and downloads.

In case you haven’t heard about Allmydata’s storage strategy before – they use a distributed storage network where your files are stored on the PCs of other Allmydata users. For security Allmydata uses encryption with a unique encryption key for each file stored in the network and also breaks up each encrypted file up into many small indistinguishable chunks before sending them out for storage. Idea is great and can utilize redundant disk space available over millions of machines.

Apart from Allmydata, encryption and breaking up of files is something that all the big companies claim – from Google to Amazon S3 to …… Only difference here is that your data doesn’t end up on the company data center but instead on someone’s PC. Security grantee aside, will you feel safe being on such a storage plan? Personally I might consider the service to backup my music files.



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