Down2Night nightlife tracker goes more places

Down2Night(d2n), the web+mobile service that makes you nightlife planning easier is rapidly expanding to other cities and adding some cool features. D2N initially launched in Seattle last month and lets users subscribe to events happening in clubs, bars, lounges, and venues and also text messages users for their selected events.

With the new release D2N has now started covering San Francisco, and Tri-cities, WA with more cities to come including Los Angeles and Las Vegas. In all D2N now covers around 300 select venues in these 3 locations. D2N has also added mashup with Yelp showing snippets of the last 5 reviews added for any location you browse helping you make decisions quicker. Couple of social networking site type features customized for D2N also sound fun – like being able to browse and view what other “spots” users have subscribed to and see who has subscribed to the same spots you have.

As expected from every web20 startup, D2N has also launched a flash-based widget that lets uses display their favorite “spots” their blog/MySpace profile. Besides all this they have updates like profile image uploading, RSS support, voting, discussion, “spots” on Google Maps, improved text messaging options are sprinkled all over the site that makes user experience that much better. If you are at of the D2N location I think it is a must use service. If not ask Mark@D2N to get to your city 🙂



One Response to “Down2Night nightlife tracker goes more places”

  1. Sam Inspireus Says:

    I signed up for the Down2Night service when I first heard of it last month. This service is fantastic. Since I travel a lot, I use it for finding out about events in both Seattle and San Francisco. I will be setting up notices for other cities as they become available. Thank You Down2Night, you have added a excellent service for travelers like me. Thank You Again. Sam Inspireus

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