GoPlan re-launched; Flipstart takes pre-orders; BlastFeed RSS alerts

GoPlan: The startup offering project management platform had a relaunch of their service yesterday. I had written about GoPlan last year last year when it had initially launched. Not sure what has changed since than. Ability to add event to your calendar through a pop window instead of getting redirected to a new page should be a new feature. Rest I am not sure.

Looking back at all the developments in the last 6 months, I think building a project management tool that targets smaller teams is going to be a tough sell. We already have Google Apps to power the backend and widgets for Google Calendar, Google Talk, and EditGrid to power our Personlized pages. Hopefully feature rich widgets for Docs and EditGrid would be launched soon. Once they are released you will have all your productivity tools widgets, news widgets, and other content Personlized and available on your big screen monitor or GPhone ready to go. Why pay GoPlan or 37Signals for underpowered apps?

Flipstart: The startup funded by Paul Allen has started taking preorders for the clamshell PC to be launched next month. The mobile PC comes loaded with XP or Vista OS, WiFi connectivity, and QWERTY keypad among other features for a hefty price of $2000. I don’t think FlipStart will ever take off with that price tag. I am not even sure what use cases Flipstart team had in mind while building that product. Around the blogosphere I have seen lot of people being interested in getting their hands on the $100 laptop, tinker with it, break it, make it…….and still don’t feel the $ pinch. But haven’t come across many saying the same for Flipstart or for that matter OQO that has been in the market for long enough.

BlastFeed: The Paris based startup yesterday launched their first product that lets you create feed mashups and alerts. You can create your own channels, add feeds, give keywords, and Blastfeed will send out the results to your email and possibly on IM in future. Well they are running behind the the times. ZapTxt has been doing pretty good service in this area for a while.


2 Responses to “GoPlan re-launched; Flipstart takes pre-orders; BlastFeed RSS alerts”

  1. Patrick Ferran Says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for mentioning Blastfeed. Just a few comments.

    Actually, Blastfeed was launched early December. Blastfeed is about creating channels of information that matter to you. This week we have released a bunch of features which include full IM alerts, better email alerts (allowing you to post to delicious, digg, or send by email to others), channel sharing, cloning, combination of fitered feeds and unfotletered feeds as well as channel preview that allows you to quick check what you can get from your filtering, before getting too many or too few alerts.

    Blastfeed is based on a native XML platform that let us generate alerts after sifting through the whole content of an RSS item and not just the title. We can be very specific too and find things in title only or description etc.

    We also generate an RSS feed per channel of information created, hence we can manipulate or post any of the item to another application, like a blog, a web site or else.

    Hapy to talk more about it,


  2. Fred Oliveira Says:

    Hey, thanks for the goplan mention. We haven’t relaunched – we officially launched to the public. You had access to our beta, which means you caught a glimpse of our feature-set. A lot has changed since the beta.

    You make a good point about Google apps, but a bad one when you talk about “underpowered” apps. There’s no google application (or any other, for that matter) to do issue tracking, collaborative task-management and effective team-based project management. It’s a *whole* different world.

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