Snooth gets $300K for wine search vertical


NYC UK based startup has raised $300K for its wine search vertical which is under development and launching soon. Initial round of funding has come from angel investors. Snooth seems to be planning a mix wine search and personalization. Interesting idea that can be a bit early for a niche market. Will report on the startup again once it nears its launch.


4 Responses to “Snooth gets $300K for wine search vertical”

  1. Philip James Says:


    Thanks for writing about us. One thing – we’re NYC based.

    Snooth Inc

  2. Snooth Blog » Our first piece of press Says:

    […] Many thanks to Vivek of StartupSquad for his article on Snooth last Friday. I think that’s our first piece of press. I’m not sure how he came across us, but my thanks all the same. […]

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Snooth’s wine recommendations now in Private Beta Says:

    […] Snooth, which had raised seed funding for it’s wine recommendations platform couple of months back, has now launched private beta of the site. Snooth claims to “understand your personal taste in great detail and is enabled to recommend the wines that are best-suited to you”. As of now Snooth is indexing 1,408,993 Ratings and wants you to add 5 more ratings before you get started so that it’s recommendation engine can understand your tastes. Again more wines you taste better the engine understands you. […]

  4. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Snooth: Wine Search gets more Social Says:

    […] Snooth, the wine search and recommendation startup that I had written about earlier this year, seems to already have lot to offer to it’ users. After getting launched just couple of months back the startup is claiming that it now has ratings for 1.7 million listings. Considering the number is right, I wonder what is split between for editorial and user ratings for the total count. Anyway, one of the better developments on the site since the last time wrote is that now over 1,000 stores and wineries signed up, with over 200 currently live. What this means is you can buy wine from one of the 200 live stores and wineries online. […]

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