InstaColl, InstaSecure, and funding

InstaColl had announced that it has raised undisclosed amount of funding from SoftBank Corp, Japan last month. InstaColl, which offers conferencing and collaboration solutions, is founded by Hotmail founder Sabeer Bhatia. Last year I had written about one of InstaColl’s product Live-Documents, that provides collaborative capabilities around Microsoft Applications.

Also with the funding announcement, Instacoll launched a new product – InstaSecure. InstaSecure tracks the usage of your documents shared with other people and enables you to control the access, duration of access, audit usage, and version control options. As you might expect, InstaSecure works with Microsoft Office applications through the use of the InstaSecure plugin. Adobe has also been working on a similar application – Adobe Document Center(ADC). Even Koral does something related in this area but more from the PoV of maintaining the current version of the document, instead of document security.



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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Slideaware: make your presentation life easier Says:

    […] As for competition, we have Slideshare that converts ppt into flash and puts that into public view. Besides that InstaSecure and Adobe Document Center(ADC) will offer online document storage with security features, although not a Powerpoint solution directly. And than we have yet to be launched Preezo that will make sure that we don’t need Slideaware. Till that time we can stick to what we have. […]

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