Orb on TV through set-top box and future

Orb Networks announced last week that it has integrated its media streaming application with Futarque, a set top box design company. With this integration Futarque will be able to broadcast programming and all of the personal digital media on the user’s PC directly onto the their TV. Orb’s free MyCasting application lets you stream digital content stored on  your PC or content from web directly to mobile devices and other PCs. With the set-top box the content will now be delivered onto your TV. Orb application already allows users to create playlists consisting of video, audio, and photos. The setup feels more like what AppleTV is offering. However there is a major difference of being able to go beyond the standard iTunes offering and actually get Youtube content on your TV. CozmoTV had also been working on something similar but seems to have changed directions since than.

Still all this is a precursor to what the chips from Celeno can offer – converged home network that distributes multiple streams of interference-free HD IPTV signals to multiple television sets, and also provides connectivity to VoIP WiFi handsets, laptops, PDAs, and game consoles. Celeno, an Israel based startup has closed its second round of funding, raising $14.2 million. Pitango Venture Capital and Greylock Partners led the round and were joined by the company’s existing investors.


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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » myMobileMedia: Stream iTunes music to mobile Says:

    […] myMobileMedia from NJ based CMWare is an interesting alternative to SoonR, Avvenu, and Orb if you want to get your PC content on your mobile. Most of the basic functionality is supposed to be the same including ability to view files, and photos. Difference is in the myMobileMedia’s capability to stream DRM-protected content. In other words you can listen to iTunes music on your mobile without ever copying the content onto the phone itself. Hmm. Sounds like a small victory before everyone start moving to a DRM free world. […]

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