ads go way beyond the vlog platform

NY based is best know for distributing video blogs for Amanda Congdon is planning to take an early lead in video advertising by placing ads in videos that  can now go beyond the video blog service. The new advertising program dubbed “cross-post advertising” will enable ads to travel with videos wherever they are viewed- on, blog, site, iTunes……practically everywhere. 

Video sharing sites where the ads can ride through includes AOL Video, Yahoo Video, and Microsoft’s MSN Video. One of the major exception to this video ad extension will be Youtube. Although not many details have been provided about Youtube exclusion, but we can very well guess that Youtube is going the MySpace way where you can upload videos for free but can’t make money from them.

Coming back to, they will be placing mid-roll and post-roll ads in their videos and tracking impressions/views for each of the vlogs to deliver maximum ret. had also made news last week by getting Ze Frank to host his videos on the video blogging platform.



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