Frenzoo – coming up virtual world for girls

Frenzoo is another virtual world shaping up but with a difference – the startup is based out of Hong Kong and is targeting Asia-centric demographic. Two years under-development, Frenzoo is led by former executives of companies such as Juniper Networks, DoubleClick Media and THQ, with prior track record including the hit PC game Jurassic Park. Currently Frenzoo is going through private invitation only beta testing. Once launched, users will have to install the 70 mb Frenzoo client to get started with the 3D world. Frenzoo will come standard with personalized avatars and offer branded items ranging from fashion, FMCG, electronics and media. Frenzoo claims to have signed up some up-and-coming fashion labels, including Japanese/Chinese fusion label Liucia. Monetization plans would still remain the same as SL.

HiPiHi is yet another virtual world under development which is being dubbed as Chinese Second Life.



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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Funding@Virtual Life in China- HiPiHi $7-10M; UOneNet Series B Says:

    […] Second news is for Beijing based HiPiHi. I had written briefly about HiPiHi couple of months back. PacificEpoch is reporting that HiPiHi will be closing a $7-10 million in investment from three overseas venture capital (VC) firms for a 10 percent stake in the company. HiPiHi had gone alpha for it’s 3D online virtual community game HiPiHi World in April. […]

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