Properazzi launches pan-European Property Search Engine

In another hour Barcelona, Spain based Properazzi will officially be launching its European property search engine. Properazzi is led by Yannick Laclau an entrepreneur and former McKinsey management consultant into his third business venture. Properazzi had raised an undisclosed amount of funds in the beginning of 2006 from Mangrove Capital Partners, the backers behind Skype and Quintura.

Properazzi currently lists 1.8 million sale and rental properties in over 40 European countries. Operating at the complete European level makes Properazzi maybe one of the largest property portal in Europe. Properazzi manages to deliver large number of high quality listing in UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Bulgaria. Since Properazzi operates over such a large number of countries its is practically not possible to setup content relationships with real estate agents and companies. Obvious choice falls to a crawler-based search engine that generates search results from thousands of estate agent websites.

To take care of multitude of languages and currencies in Europe, Properazzi displays property listings in all European languages and currencies. Properazzi has also integrated Google Maps based search, density map mashup, keyword search, and a radius-based search tool as part of its intail offering.

Properazzi still has lot of work in store especially in terms of maintaining the quality and freshness of content made available to the users, which in the first place is relies on the sites from where the content is aggregated. Also unlike My Currency, Properazzi is also missing out on the community features of being able to discuss around a particular property. However according to the Properazzi features in this respect will be added in the next couple of releases.



3 Responses to “Properazzi launches pan-European Property Search Engine”

  1. Phil Butler Says:

    Wow! This is really interesting. What do you estimate the chances are for fledgling companies with possibilities to take advantage of this resource? People are always asking me about investment outlets, now thanks to you I can suggest one more.
    Phil Butler

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