Prosper gets execs; Threadleess for Kids; YAVA-

Prosper: The San Francisco based startup that enables person-to-person lending has hired CFO and CMO. Kirk Inglis has joined Prosper as Chief Financial Officer. Kirk previously worked Wells Fargo, Providian Financial. Robert Klapper has joined Prosper as the Chief Marketing Officer. Robert has previously worked at 21st Century, Charles Schwab and Colgate-Palmolive. Launched in February last year by co-founders Chris Larsen, co-founder of E-Loan, and John Witchel, a tech entrepreneur, Prosper has till date raised around $19.5 million in funding($7.5 million in Series A and $12 million in Series B). Among others, Prosper is funded by Benchmark Capital which is the backer for Zopa. Yet Another Video Aggregation(YAVA) platform launched today. claims to be an all-in-one video guide where you can view clips and previews and find longer format videos from the best of TV, cable, and broadband programmers. Playlists, channels, bookmarking, video discovery, video clips are just some of the buzzwords they are talking about. What else? UGC? nana. More content deals? Yeah for sure. Will I watch? nana. Why? As compared to this, cable TV seems to be good enough. [via]

Threadless: The startup offering custom products like t-shirts that I had written about few months back has opened a store – Nothing much to add about the new launch since the name gives out everything.


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