ScanScout prepares to revolutionize video ads


Launching April 2nd, ScanScout plans to take Google Video Ad placement program head-on. With almost 2 years under development ScanScout solution will perform complete audio, video, and semantic analysis of video content to enable placement of highly targeted ads. The Boston, MA based startup is led by Doug McFarland, who has previously served EVP at Eyeblaster, EVP at (AOL), and President of Jupiter/Media Metrix. ScanScout had raised initial funding from First Round Capital, Ron Conway, and few other angel investors

ScanScout plans are everybit like Google – bridge the gap between highs and lows of video ads which one end is caused by lack of premium ad inventory and on the other end inability of irrelevant ads to attract ad dollars. ScanScout platform will bring both advertisers and publishers onto the same platform to deliver highly contextual ads. With its multi-dimensional targeting engine ScanScout will enable placement of pre-roll, post-roll, overlay, cost per play video ads, all of these ads being displayed on a cost-per play model. Looking at the complete cycle, brand managers would be able to place their ads adjacent to the most appropriate content while publishers will get access to high quality ad inventory that will create new revenue streams. Another advantage for publishers will be that the whole process will be additive and not working on the rip and replace ad concept.

ScanScout will initially be starting with flat cost per play model and revenue sharing with publishers built-into the platform. As ScanScout starts signing up more advertisers and publishers, it would evolve into something more in line with the spot bidding by advertisers and sliding scale returns for publishers.

Use of ScanScout’s technology can range from the obvious placement of targeted ads on video sharing sites to ad supported premium content. Will see how well ScanScout performs as it launches early next month.



6 Responses to “ScanScout prepares to revolutionize video ads”

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    […] First is ScanScout, about which I had written couple of months back. ScanScout today announced that is has raised $7 million in its Series A round of funding. The investment was led by General Catalyst Partners with participation from existing angel investors, Ron Conway and First Round Capital. ScanScout had raised $2.3 million in angel funding last year. […]

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    […] For those of you publishers looking to hop-on to ScanScout’s supposedly smart video advertising platform, the startup has put up a signup form. Obviously you will streaming videos from your site to become part of the program. Checkout the following link: […]

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    […] ScanScout: This news is something which we had known last week itself – Video advertising startup ScanScout announced today that it has raised undisclosed amount of funds from Time Warner in form of a strategic investment. The Boston, MA based startup had earlier raised $7 million in Series A and a smaller sum in it’s angel round. […]

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