Teqlo+Worklight = Enterprise RSS widgets

Teqlo today announced that it will be working with Worklight to deliver Enterprise RSS mashups on its widget based platform. Previously I have covered both Teqlo and Worklight at StartupSquad.com. Worklight, launched in January, enables syndication of enterprise data via RSS feeds, while Teqlo’s mashup canvas lets users interact with webservices without bothering about the technical details. From the very first thought you can guess that Teqlo and Worklight were bound to work together at some point of time.

With this partnership enterprise customers will be able to access to their corporate data via the Worklight connectors and easily manage these feeds on their Teqlo workspace. Did I tell you that Worklight connectors can come for as cheap as $1 per user/month? Never before in the history of enterprise data access the costs plummeted to such low levels.

What next for Teqlo? Partnership with StrikeIron?



2 Responses to “Teqlo+Worklight = Enterprise RSS widgets”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Enterprise 2.0 - Old guard strikes back Says:

    […] Earlier in the month BEA quietly launched a suite of new products that is aimed at delivering Enterprise 2.0 right to the place where it needs to be. The new suite is talked about at En.terpri.se, a very web20ish name picked by the BEA management. BEA’s 3 point package contains – Pages, Ensemble, and Pathways. Pages are supposed to be very much like Google Personalized Page with DataSpace and LiveSpaces getting the work done via a drag-and-drop interface. DataSpaces handle the Syndication (RSS), web services, and data extracts end of things, while LiveSpaces combine data from DataSpaces with documents and other unstructured information to deliver the Personalized page to the end users. As developer/user you get it all  - development collaboration, version tracking, ability to remotely invoke WSDL, in place editing, blogging, wikis. Pages are enabled to get widgets/components talking with each other that would result in more data mashups and interchange, a feature that was made famous by Teqlo.  […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » DreamFace-Interactive brings Widgets + Personalization to Enterprises Says:

    […] Unlike the hosted solution being offered by some of the other startups including Teqlo, DFI will be offered as a free downloadable application built using javascript and java that companies and individuals can deploy on their machine without paying anything to anyone. For personal users, it is akin to running Personalized homepage service like the one from Google right from their local machine. As you might expect, the part that DFI will make money on is training and technical support. […]

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