Fivelimes goes local in US

Fivelimes, the Toronto, Canada based startup platform for user-generated listing of eco-friendly and socially responsible products and services, today started covering each and every city in US. Before today Fivelimes covered only 20-30 big cities in US. Now you can search for eco-friendly products in your local area by entering your Zip code. However with this changes comes a difficult situation that Fivelimes has to deal with – How will they get relevant data in the eco-friendly space for each local area. Since the mass market movement towards buying and selling eco-friendly products is just starting to pick up, there is dearth of data to feed for each zip code. I think Fivelimes would be better off if they identify few locations within US where people are more involved in eco-friendly related activities. Once they have such a priority list at hand, they can just start mapping out the entire range of services for the location. With that in place, word-of-mouth marketing will take care of surrounding Zip codes.

Besides the localization Fivelimes UI also got refreshed and now users have the ability to upload photos to their profile page. Did I mention that Fivelimes also has an social networking component built into the site? If you haven’t, do signup at Fivelimes and give it a braindump of all the eco-friendly services you know about your area.



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