Grooveshark – another DRM free music startup shaping up

Momentum against DRM is building up for sure. And it is not just from the consumers and Steves of the world, but the companies who want to build the next-gen solutions. Last week I had written about rVibe planning to launch legal p2p based music sharing platform sometime in April. Gainesville, Florida based Grooveshark is another startup with similar ambitions going live with it’s initial release next month.

Grooveshark’s product and business model will combine the strengths of community music as seen on MySpace and, p2p product like BitTorrent, and the legality of legitimate music sales to top it off. In simpler words, Grooveshark plans to DRM-free MP3s through a P2P network, while compensating it’s users for sharing their files.

Grooveshark will have a major social component built-in to the system through which users will be able to tag music as they see fit, make playlists, share them with friends, collaborate with other users in groups, compile playlists that define genres, sounds, styles.. And not to forget you will be able to sync your music library from your iPod to iRiver.

Only question remains – who is powering the music library at Grooveshark? Well, for that you would have to wait till next month 😉



4 Responses to “Grooveshark – another DRM free music startup shaping up”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » DRM wall to crumble; EMI takes lead Says:

    […] This announcement and subsequent launch of DRM free music can mean significant uptake issues from p2p music startups like rVibe and GrooveShark that are supposed to launch anytime soon. If both of these startups are able able to cut deals with EMI, they would have much more to offer than just the DRM free part that help them survive the Apple onslaught. Tags:Share and Enjoy: […]

  2. Steve S Says:

    I think they are starting to have an answer at Grooveshark as to who is powering their libraries. heh.

    Either way, the product seems to be shaping up pretty well. There are some new screen shots up that might be worth taking a look at over at

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Grooveshark partnership#3 = Magnatune Says:

    […] We were one of the first blogs of discover Grooveshark more than 2 months back. Since that time, the Florida based anti-DRM startup has covered quite a bit of ground that includes launch of private beta and signing up music labels. Grooveshark has been especially quickly in building it’s music repository after having done deals with 3 music labels in 3 months. Latest on the scene is Magnatune, which is considered to be as “the first Internet-era record label”. Grooveshark earlier had done partnerships with London-based V2 Music Group and classical music label, Naxos. […]

  4. Grooveshark » Blog Archive » Grooveshark - From the Audience to the Stage. Says:

    […] Sam will also be meeting with several music labels while in L.A. to try and garner even more licensing rights to add to Groovehshark’s ever-growing, legal, DRM-free music catalog. Add to: […]

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