Amatomu – South Africa gets it’s Technorati

Don’t get me wrong on that. Technorati hasn’t launched a South Africa specific aggregation site. In fact it is the South Africa based Mail & Guardian that launched a new blog aggregation and search engine named Amatomu. Amatomu comes with the standard blog search engine features like Blog Search, Hot Right Now(WTF??), Tag Cloud, Top 100 Blogs, Statistics, and of course a widget.

I am not really sure how Amatomu are going about finding which blogs are related to South Africa. Do they look at content, authors, IP address…. Also does South Africa have such high density of bloggers to warrant a country specific blog search engine.

Still an appreciable effort from Mail & Guardian to get the blog search ball rolling for their country.




One Response to “Amatomu – South Africa gets it’s Technorati”

  1. » Says:

    […] So far (Wed morning 9:31am) we’ve seen these blogs about it: Tyler Woza Friday (carrying Amatomu tag cloud about 2 mins after Tyler broke story! 🙂 chilibean Charl van Niekerk nicharalambous Imel Vinny Lingham Startup Squad […]

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