BooRah NLS search goes for first partnership

BooRah, the natural language based local search engine, has announced a partnership with Embarcadero Publishing Company. Embarcadero has around six local weekly newspapers and Palo Alto Online. As part of the partnership, BooRah will be powering the local restaurants search section of Palo Alto Online. With this integration users will have the ability to search for to more than 15,000 restaurants in the San Francisco Bay area in addition to more than 800 restaurants in the Midpeninsula. Besides being an online destination, BooRah is modeling its service somewhat like PowerReviews where online media sites can easily drop-in the hosted review module to attract wider audience.

As I had written before, BooRah takes the concept of natural language search to analyze local business review content and capture the “buzz”. The “buzz” piece in some sense can be compared to what Farecast does for flight ticket prices but is much more difficult to build since it is based on analyzing unstructured data. BooRah’s processing engine extracts the vibe and social essence of existing online groups to deliver highly relevant restaurant ratings. If you start applying this concept to the number of review sites online you want realize the big opportunity. Couple of days back I was look at reviews for a restaurant around my area on Yelp. Now Yelp team has been partying all over the country to get as many reviews as possible. Nice job. Only problem is who has time to go through 200 reviews for a particular restaurant that you might be interested in? On your laptop maybe you read around 20 and make your decision. But if you are on your mobile you would never ever bother going through more than couple of them. On the top of that year old reviews don’t really mean much in the present context. BooRah solves this problem by delivering the “buzz” based rating. If you want can you can still go through all the reviews, but if in a hurry rely on the buzz factor.

Since my last take on BooRah, the Palo Alto based startup has started aggregating reviews for NYC, and LA restaurants too. BooRah has plans to extract buzz for travel, and product reviews in future.

In case you were wondering what BooRah really means, read it as: Boo + Rah.



One Response to “BooRah NLS search goes for first partnership”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » BooRah on SMS via 4INFO Says:

    […] I have already written couple of times about BooRah that enables local restaurant search via regular keyword search and also via Natural Language based Search(NLS) technique. The NLS part of things is going to come handy in this partnership ’cause users want to type in limited amount of text on the mobile to receive 3-4 highly relevant results. Something that is concise, and is in easy-to-read summary form right on their cell phones. In practice you would text strings  in natural language like ’Date Place Palo Alto, CA’ to 4INFO to get 3-4 listings that have review “buzz” going on out on the Internet. I don’t think you would be one happy person if you have to read through 150 reviews from Yelp on your mobile browser. Instead let BooRah do the word crunching while your drive. […]

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