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It has been quite sometime since I came across a collaboration tool which delivers features that can make collaboration happen for real. But as always you will have few smart people working on your wishes. Recently I found Coventi to be just such a team which is making efforts to deliver something beyond the regular collaboration feature-set that you might expect from web-based apps. Coventi’s document editing platform lets users share, discuss and revise documents in a smart new way.

The “discuss and revise” is the innovative feature in this case. It works in a similar was as we might do on a piece of paper. Coventi’s document screen gets both the content and collaboration on the same page. Collaborators select and highlight parts of text they want to comment on from the left content pane and add their comments in the right pane. And these comments in almost real-time chat like fashion show up on the screens of other collaborators. After that any time you click on one of the comments, Coventi highlights the text from the page related to the comment. 

Now imagine using this solution to work with a big team comprising 10 people. Going the regular way your original document can get pretty much lost if everyone starts making changes. With Coventi, the complete discussion stays with your document and you can make changes accordingly whenever you want.

I had always expected Google/Writely to deliver something in this regards or atleast integrate GoogleTalk into Writely. But that feature never materialized. Although Coventi does not offer Writely like real-time multi-user editing, I think their innovative approach covers up for that.

However Coventi’s rich text editor, just like most of the other web apps, is pretty basic. Maybe that should get an extra serving of innovation from the Coventi team.



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  1. Early Reviews from the Blogosphere! « Coventi Pages Blog Says:

    […]   […]

  2. Peter Lee Says:

    Hi Vivek,

    Thanks for the great writeup and analysis. And great blog; I just added you to my ever growing RSS addiction.

    I’m a fan of your bug reporting method (excellent screenshot) and would love to get that document formatting bug fixed for you straight away. If you’re comfortable sharing the content with me, could you send a copy of the original Word file to peter AT coventi DOT com?

    Thanks again for the post; we’ll work hard to deliver on the innovation. Any special requests for the rich text editor?

    Peter Lee
    peter AT coventi DOT com

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Finally collaboration with IM+VoIP+Video @ Octopz Says:

    […] Number of new startups launched and the ones that get funded have always been on the uptick, although not a sharp one. Toronto based Octopz is yet another one. Today Octopz, the on-demand online collaboration software that launches next week at Web20 Expo, revealed that is has raised undisclosed amount of funds from GrowthWorks Commercialization Fund. Octopz offers couple of things that everyone else in the space seem to miss out in their development cycle – support instant messaging, voice (VoIP) and video (webcam) conferencing alongside the regular collaboration tools. In effect this means that you no longer need to check on people if they are using Skype or Google Talk. Just get done with the works, with all the required tools from one location. Besides this Octopz would offer on-Screen annotation, support for MS Office files(?), ACL, branding, and more for $99 per month per license. Hmm. $99? Okay clearly targeted at SMB users. Rest of us now get back to Google Apps or Peepel or CentralDesktop or Coventi. […]

  4. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Coventi - dream tool for collaborators gets better Says:

    […] Coventi, one of the best tools to emerge in the online collaboration in the recent history, just keeps getting better. I had initially written about Coventi couple of months back. At that time I had left a pointer to a bug in my screenshot. As expected, Peter@Coventi was right on it and got it fixed with few days. The new converter from Coventi performs a much better job with nested outlines when you are uploading word documents to your account. […]

  5. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Coventi and Oddcast: The Always ON Startups Says:

    […] Startups in the Web20 realm are in perpetual beta. On most parts everything works fine. But you know what, those small teams can’t get to everything. And for those tiny things that can get overlooked, they depend on us. Couple of days back working on Coventi, about which I have written couple of times, I discovered they don’t have the key mappings in place, i.e. Ctrl+S = Save, Ctrl+B = Bold, Ctrl+I = Italic, Ctrl+U = Underline…. I for one part am not a big mouse mover. Email sent to Peter couple of days resulted in a fix being applied yesterday. Now i am saving the documents as i should be! […]

  6. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Beta and Funding news for the day Says:

    […] Coventi gets a new release: The collaboration startup launched few new features today including the ability to download a complete comment record in PDF format. Conversations are linked to their context in the latest revision of the Page, and an approval record is also appended if the Page is marked for approval. Conversations are now paginated with automatic scrolling to the Page in context of each conversation. Besides that, the WYSIWYG editor also got feature updates for linking, indent/outdent, line spacing, subscript/superscript, strike-through, remove formatting, and additional fonts. Related one, two. […]

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