Court to issue permanent Injunction against Vonage

Federal Judge Claude Hilton today issued a permanent injunction against Vonage in the ongoing lawsuit regarding Vonage infringing on Verizon’s patents. According to WSJ, another hearing will be held on April 6th to determine whether the injunction will be stayed pending appeal. Verizon claims that it is suffering irreparable harm ’cause of Vonage’s patent infringement, and in process loads of money.

According to the Verizon’s lawyer the permanent injunction was required because Vonage “is a company that is in deteriorating condition in the marketplace” and “could run up future monetary damages and then be unable to pay”. On March 8, court had asked Vonage to pay $58 million, plus possible future royalties, to Verizon.

Vonage is claiming that the injunction will not effect the service for its subscribers, and is already working on deploy different technologies to work around the patents in question.

All in all another near win for patent hoarders.


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