Former Friendster CEO builds another social network –

I had been watching go through rapid development process for the past few months. All along very impressed by the features they were building at the social networking platform. But trying to get background information on the startup hit a wall. There was hardly any information on the site, or in the blogosphere about who is behind So I let it go for a while. Today digging around for the same reason, I found that Former President and CEO of Friendster, Scott Sassa is behind Now that adds a whole another dimension to the startup. Scott worked as the CEO of Friendster for less than a year till June 2005, just around the time meltdown started happening at the socialnetworking startup. Prior to that Scott was the President at NBC West Coast. This brings in lot of media experience, connections to back the media content at the startup, and lessons about what can go wrong while building a new one.

We will skip talking about the feature details since Uber has or is developing  most of the what you would wish for from all the sites. And to top that, very strong play in Music.



2 Responses to “Former Friendster CEO builds another social network –”

  1. Social Networking Bulletin - » Former Friendster CEO builds another social network - Says:

    […] Originally posted here: Vivek […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Uber has new looks Says:

    […] Uber, the social networking site led by former Friendster CEO Scott Sassa about which I had written before, has upgraded to shiner new look. Among other things, users now get to view videos in theatre mode that delivers the video on top of a clean black background. However size of the video you are viewing is still dependent on the actual size of the video itself. […]

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