Joyent takes on Offline+Sync challenge for RoR

Joyent the developer/provider of collaboration products and data storage options announced yesterday that they will be releasing Joyent Slingshot that will allow deployment of Rails applications that work the same online as well as offline. Joyent already has it’s Connector application and select group of 3rd party apps running under Slingshot and plans to launch Slingshot in public in late April. The lightweight framework will allow Ruby on Rails applications to run offline while also taking care of data synchronization.

All this news comes at a time when Firefox 3 is making dedicated efforts to build the offline functionality into its Version 3, and Adobe Apollo alpha release launching last week that bridges the web and desktop gap.

Checkout the Slingshot announcement at the Joyent blog. So in the span of 1 year, developers have 3 options providing similar solution for the vexing offline access and sync issue. I think the app development space seems all set to receive barrage of apps taking advantage of each of these options.

Introducing Joyent Slingshot


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    […] To answer these questions, let’s look at how thousands of news stories really take off everyday. In my PoV there are 3 parts in which a story progresses. First is the press release. Now there can be thousands of press releases going out everyday that can include ones from Google telling people that it has acquired another startup or it can be for scam startup launching somewhere and looking for funding. Still both of them quantify as a press release. Now these are the easier ones I talked about. Take the case of Joyent Slingshot news couple of days back. If you have technical background, you can understand what is being talked about in that post. Otherwise you are pretty much clueless and just sit back and wait for someone to news into simple words. So this is the second step where an experienced blogger/techie understands the importance of the press release, compares it to what has happened till date in that field, how things are shaping up in future, and than puts the story into the right spot in the timeline and hierarchy of things. From there on the whole blogosphere jumps into the me-too-meme. Last one was the third step.  […]

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