Slideaware: make your presentation life easier

Slideaware has been quietly working on its presentation management platform for the past few months. Just like ThinkFree, about which I wrote earlier today, Slideaware’s product strategy is to work with Microsoft Office apps, specifically Powerpoint. Slideaware lets you save your Powerpoint slideshows right from Powerpoint onto your online account located on the Slideaware website.  

To get started you need to download and install the Slideaware plugin for Microsoft Powerpoint. Once that is in place and you have signed up for the service, you can start saving your presentations to the online account in ppt, PDF, or flash format. If you are going to show the presentation to someone online saving in flash format works the best since you can run the slideshow without bothering to install any software. Slideaware provides controls around who can view your presentations by enabling passwords for the slideshows and letting you set expiry on shares. Besides this Slideaware is building a complete collaboration solution around the product. You can search for text in slides, reuse slides, get feedback from your team members, and much more.

Slideaware has its product pricing in already in place. If you go for the free account, you get to save 50 presentations and deliver unlimited live Slideshows for the first 30 days only. For $8/month or $58/year you get to save unlimited presentations and deliver unlimited live Slideshows. Plus you get to add your own branding, color scheme during Slideshows, and stats to determine visitors and the effectiveness of your slides.

As for competition, we have Slideshare that converts ppt into flash and puts that into public view. Besides that InstaSecure and Adobe Document Center(ADC) will offer online document storage with security features, although not a Powerpoint solution directly. And than we have yet to be launched Preezo that will make sure that we don’t need Slideaware. Till that time we can stick to what we have.



3 Responses to “Slideaware: make your presentation life easier”

  1. John Dismore Says:

    Thanks for the write up. One correction , using the SlideAware Personal pro plan at $8 per month will allow you to save unlimited presentations.

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » takes on Slideaware with Office On Demand Says:

    […] Slideaware had launched a similar product couple of months back that backs up only the presentations created via Microsoft Office. While I didn’t get a chance to check with Vijay@Slideaware on their fascination for MS Powerpoint, it seems right now is very well taking on the complete space that would make life difficult for the Slideaware. However, Slideaware is a feature rich app as compared to solution which acts only as an databack option as of now. Using Slideaware you can backup your ppts in flash or ppt or Slideaware slideshow. The latter option enables you to add comments on the ppt. Besides that Slideaware is also working on workgroup option that would make it easier to work in teams. But you know what, at we are big fans of all apps webby. I think this this can be great opportunity for to partner with,, and to make the documents viewable and editable On-Demand. In fact this space is getting crowded really fast with ShareOffice, Huddle, ThinkFree, and Google all having their implementations to make our documents available On-Demand. […]

  3. Library clips :: Roundup : 88 miles, minutesinaminute, FeedBlitz outbrain voting, Box - Office on Demand, Listigator :: May :: 2007 Says:

    […] Box – Office on Demand – a plug-in to upload a Word document to Box (online file storage) via the menu bar in MSOffice. Another feature (following in the footsteps of similar service, Omnidrive) is that you can click on a the edit document function in Box and edit the MSOffice document in Zoho (online office) and save it in Zoho, or save it back to Box in one click. Basically you can have a web version of a word document stored in box, and still edit it offline, or edit it online with Zoho. BTW, Slideaware is doing something similar with just Powerpoint. [via DI] […]

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