AirPrint raises more funds for it’s Mobile Printer

AirPrint Networks, the startup working on developing mobile printer and subscription service, today announced that it has raised additional half million dollars towards it Series A round of funding. AirPrint has raised a total of $2 million in funding from Alps Electric, and Hulbig and Cotuit Capital. AirPrint’s iPod sized mobile printer will be able to connect your phone and print coupons/tickets/… when you are on the move.

AirPrint plan in not just one sided. It is also working with service providers like,, and more to keep up with the supply of offers. Other planned “planned” services include print boarding passes, and LBS offers, which makes AirPrint yet another startup to talk about mythical location based goodies.

So where is the catch? Well the printer will be priced at $99 with additional offers coming from mobile carriers, and content providers. Seems pricey to me. Worst part of the offering is that the service will cost $2.49 – $2.99 per month and the printer will need credit card-sized paper for the printer costing $2.99 per 12 pack. Saving grace – no need for toners, and print cartridges.

Coupons from Cellfire, which is another startup offering coupons on mobile, work when you show the coupon from your mobile to the guy on the counter. This makes the coupon+printout side of story from AirPrint pretty week unless it gets larger number of providers who don’t already support or plan to Cellfire. As far as printing tickets is concerned AirPrint needs to work hard to establish all those relationships. Problems don’t end there. Users still need to charge/carry/feed_paper to really be able to get the prints anywhere anytime. That’s just too much for me.

After all the talk about printer/pricing/paper can you now guess from which company AirPrint’s CEO came from? Well it can be none other than Polaroid 😉

AirPrint Networks


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