Teracent: Great idea. What about relevant ads?

Teracent, the Foster City, CA based advertising startup that has raised $5 million in funding from KPG Ventures and NEA, has a great new idea for delivering ads. Teracent’s ad units deliver the most popular products in the market as ads. Teracent’s proprietary algorithm computes and analyzes the dynamic product pricing data sets to deliver the hottest products as ads to your site irrespective of the keywords and content. As Teracent claims they want to go for the “sleeper products in the long tail of product catalogs”, which are the ones that get very attractive at a certain price.

I have the CPM based ad-unit running on my blog. Looking at the initial ads displayed I am bit undecided for the longer-term. Ads that are coming up are for toners, cartridges, computers, printers,….. all of some unknown make. First these ads don’t really have anything to do with my site. Second is that you as a user have to really look carefully at the ad unit to know it might be useful to you. Now who has time for that? All a user would give is 1-2 seconds(just a guess). If he gets the ad in that short duration, the bait worked. I don’t think Teracent ads are designed to be that sticky right now.

To me Teracent’s idea feels more like a distributed deals platform or maybe Fatwallet in Ads. Still an interesting approach to watch for only if it can deliver more relevant ads.



3 Responses to “Teracent: Great idea. What about relevant ads?”

  1. morganusvitus Says:

    The site looks great ! Thanks for all your help ( past, present and future !)

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