Xing acquires Spanish networking site eConozco

Deal making continues in Europe with Xing today announcing that it has acquired eConozco, a contact network site targeted at Spanish speaking user base. eConozco, which is the first social networking platform for professional in Spain claims to have around 150k registered users and growing at 11 percent every month. Xing did not disclose the financial details of the deal. eConozco users will be able to take advantage of the larger platform, services, and reach of the Xing by upgrading to the premium service(€5.95 a month). Actual migration is supposed to happen within the next 12 months during which the 3 founders eConozco founders, Albert Armengol, Horaci Cuevas and Toni Salvatella Pont will stick back to get the integration working right.

Xing gets on the mashup scene with API launch


3 Responses to “Xing acquires Spanish networking site eConozco”

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