Callwave converts voice waves to text!

Make that 5! That is what Callwave has to say at the Voice-Text services party. Okay coming to the real point, Callwave is planning to launch a new service Vtxt that will turn your voicemail into text. This makes all  messages readable, searchable and storable. How? All of these text messages are sent to your email, Yahoo/Dashboard/Vista widgets.

Well who are the other 4? SimulScribe, reQall, Jott, and Spinvox. That is a lot of choose from. I think I would stick with Callwave since I am already using their awesome Voicemail and SMS widgets that I had written about earlier. Only a bit of a problem here. I get lot of messages in Hindi, my native language ğŸ˜‰ 


3 Responses to “Callwave converts voice waves to text!”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Jangl on Tagged, Six Apart soon Says:

    […] One thing that I missed the other day while reviewing the new widget was that signing up for he Jangl service doesn’t result in another voicemail box for you to check, which is the case with Jaxtr. In case you don’t choose to take the call, the calling party can leave a message that ends up on your regular voicemail box. To complete the privacy loop, all the while your personal greeting is never delivered to the caller. Personally I just hate checking another mailbox or voicemail, and this feature from Jangl doesn’t want me do that either. Infact Jangl combined with voice-text widget from Callwave is the best widget-based calling combination. I am already done with the change! Check right column for the widget. […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » YouMail funded for voicemail service; Nothing new here Says:

    […] Irvine, CA based YouMail today announced that it has secured $1.87 million in Series A round of funding from the Tech Coast Angels (TCA) and other private investors. YouMail is trying to innovate around your mobile voicemail capabilities by offering unique outgoing voice greetings based on called ID. Besides that, any voicemail can get forwarded to your email address and you can also listen to it via the web interface at YouMail. There are few other nitty-gritty features that are neither needed or utilized unless you are getting dozens of voicemails everyday. Let’s look at one of those features – “Icon to indicate a caller listened to your voice mail but chose not to leave a message”. Doesn’t the missed call feature perform the same function on your mobile? I think I am still better off with Callwave that does voice-to-text and sends that out onto your widget and email. […]

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Callwave voicemails come to iGoogle Says:

    […] History:Callwave and dirty secret of missed callsCallwave converts voice waves to text!Callwave gets all widgety […]

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