Google does mobile deal with LG

I don’t think this is the real deal that we have been waiting for, still we would talk about it. Google has entered into partnership with LG to provide Google applications pre-installed on its mobile phones. Well, nothing new is this since Google has already been working with Samsung and Motorola on similar ventures. Only difference here is LG is working on a iPhone look alike, although that does not seem to impact Google’s plans since it is no where near launching a music service.

Users might get the usual Google applications installed on their mobile phones including Gmail, Maps, and blogging support. This is just an easy guess ’cause Google or LG have not really revealed what all will be part of the package. WSJ quotes a Google spokeswoman saying definitely this is not a Google-branded phone. As much as I want to believe them, one thing is for sure that Google has to load its OS on a phone from one of these manufacturers – Samsung, Motorola, LG……. Whether this partnership delivers the GPhone or another in future, all we can do is speculate B-)


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