MediaMaster: Get your music on the go!

Came across a cool way to access your music files from anywhere – MediaMaster. All you need to do is upload your music files using MediaMaster’s web-based interface and you are ready to listen to your music. Currently MediaMaster provides 4 gigs of space for free and you can upload non-DRM’ed MP3, AAC (aka M4A) or WMA (except losslessly compressed) to  your account.

As for taking your music beyond MediaMaster you can use the widget code that gives you option to play songs from your music library anywhere. You can even customize the player to function in Radio mode, or play your recently added and recently played songs. Web widget aside, I would love to get a desktop widget for Yourminis, or Yahoo, or Google Desktop.

Big missing piece is playlist sharing and collaboration. MediaMaster is working on enabling users to listen to listen to each other’s music, which I think would be legally tight line to walk.



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