Mercora partners with Microsoft, launches M V2

While I was writing about myMobileMedia few minutes back, I missed out on another startup offering similar service – Mercora. I had written about Mercora last year when it had just launched its music-to-mobile service Mercora M. M works with Window Mobile 5.0 phones and enables users to access music library located on their PC.

Today Mercora launched Version 2 of M that among other things provides new features and takes care of few performance issues. With the new release users can listen continuously to their favorite playlists through M, that also has better support for large music libraries. Mercora has added support for popular podcasts from leading media services such as CNN, Major League Baseball (MLB), NCAA, and NPR. 

CNET is also reporting that Mercora has entered into partnership with Microsoft who will offer a free six-month subscription for M to all Windows Mobile users, which otherwise is priced at $4.99 per month.

Mercora M


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    […] And you though you had enough of apps music on your mobile from your PC. Well now you can add mSpot Remix to that list. Startups already working on this – Mercora M, SoonR, Avvenu, Orb, and myMobileMedia. Don’t think there is much to say about mSpot in this case where obviously it would stream songs from your PC based playlists to your mobile while downloading the next in line tracks in the background to your phone’s memory card. […]

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