M:Metrics MeterDirect; Orkut polls; Cuts ahead

M:Metrics: M:Metrics wants to keeps its lead in the mobile analytics market by offering stats beyond the basics. At CTIA,  M:Metrics announced the launch of MeterDirect that will deliver behavioral analytics of mobile users. M:Metrics will deliver stats including mobile Web audience rankings by site, demographic profiles for mobile sites on daily and hourly basis, mobile application usage including messaging, title and channel level music and video consumption. Target companies for the new offering are pretty obvious.

Orkut Polls: Google’s social networking site keep Orkut keeps getting better bit by bit. Orkut users can now post polls in their communities. Only problem I can’t find the option to create one 😉 . Anyway as widgets are not allowed into the platform, Orkut would ultimately end up building their own features albeit slowly that for sure is not a great idea.

Cuts: The web video editing startup is switching the heat on against Jumpcut and Eyespot with the planned release additional sharing and mashup options. Cuts users will soon be able to embed their creations on their MySpace profiles and on their blogs. Cuts will also launch new mashup capabilities to take the best of two or more videos and blend your favorite scenes together in whatever way you want. This piece sounds more like what Eyespot has been offering. Nevertheless it is good for the end users. In case you haven’t tried Cuts, it lets you edit videos without  altering the original.


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